Signature BBQ Meats

Due to current market fluctuations, our price per pound on our BBQ meats may change weekly keeping in line with market price

Chopped Chicken


Sliced Beef


Pulled Pork



Mac n’ Cheese

$6.99 lb



Marinated Veggies

$4.49 pint
$7.99 quart

Garlic Flatbread

$1.25 per piece


$4.49 pint
$7.99 quart

Macaroni Salad

$4.49 pint
$7.99 quart

Baked Beans

$4.49 pint
$7.99 quart

Potato Salad

$4.49 pint
$7.99 quart


Brownie / Brownie Platters

$1.00 - $2.50 pp

Cookie / Cookie Platters

$1.00 - $1.50pp


Bag of Chips

$1.00 (when bought in sets of 25)

Delivery Available . . .

(delivery fee may apply)

Have a super large order or just need a little help?  call our friendly staff at (517)381-8290 and somebody will be available to answer all your catering needs!